Differences Between Money Lines and Points Spreads

Straight bets tend to be the most common among the various wagering types. Their popularity stems from their simplicity. A bettor simply needs to pick a side, money line or an over/under and he has a 50/50 winning chance 2up.

To win $100, place a $300 wager. It will give you $400 in total, including the bet and your winnings.

If you bet on the underdog team, your line will look like this: +400. This indicates that you can win $400 by placing a $100 bet.

The point spread is a betting option that allows the bettor the opportunity to bet on an advantaged line. For example, when you wager on Chicago 100, Miami 92, it means that your team has to cover the spread to win. When you choose to wager on the Bulls at a -5 and you get a final score of Chicago 100, Miami 90, then you’ve won the bet.

In the case of a final score 100-97 if you had chosen the Bulls, even though they won, your bet was lost. When you deduct 5 points, the result is 95. Miami scored 97.

When you place a bet, the odds of you winning are greater when betting on the money line. However, the difference is in the point spread.

Ponder is the new starter, not McNabb

Leslie Frazier chose to start Christian Ponder as the Vikings’ quarterback because he did not want the team, which is now 1-5. McNabb was benched for much of last season, by the Redskins to make way for Rex Grossman. After the Vikings acquired McNabb in the hope that this would boost his potential, it did not. Now Ponder must prove himself worthy of being the starting quarterback.

Marshall and Moore – the best combination of the Dolphins

Brandon Marshall ran out of bounds during a play in which he could have scored a 6 pointer. This would not only be a good thing for Miami, but also for Chad Henne who is their quarterback for the rest the season due to shoulder injury. Marshall is doing well in his Miami debut this year. Matt Moore has been named the first QB to lead the Florida franchise and the Dolphins may have to continue to try Marshall as the starting quarterback to find out if they are still able to win.

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