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This week, Mabel Games review the following stone game which is made by Acclaim, a very well known game company that has a lengthy history in the gaming world. However to discover it at Facebook is rather surprising. We actually have a little bit of our own time to see exactly what Acclaim has to offer into the Facebook community they have agreed to the gambling world for years.

RockFree is only another typical music game you may find in Facebook such as Guitar God, but that which makes it stands out among so many that I have experienced is the songs that it provided. Over 500 over songs from real artist who most rockers available should at the least heard of them.

The game started quite simple really. Create your character and you will be jumping to a own club. From that point you will start your rock career. Players may also add within their group for this game by inviting their friends along for that ride. This match is essential for those who have friends who love rock music.

After you are finished, the match will supply you with a list of songs that you could play, a few are very easy while the others are extremely hard. Exercise is recommended if players want to try something faster and more challenging songs. Player can also upload the songs they want to play with. A feature I find very useful in music matches.

The match is rather simple really, adhere to the tempo and simply hit on the keypad into the fitting gem that drops from the surface of the screen. If players receive it correctly and make a few perfect hits, players can hear their fans float in the backdrop. Special bonus mode is also offer throughout the game by reaching a lot of perfect hits. This will definitely increase players score to the songs that they’re played with.

After a couple of rounds to the match, player can sometimes get a invitation from various other players to either play or challenge them into songs. I would strongly recommend any players who play this match to do so. This really is where the other 50% of this match comes in fun since you will be put head to head with another player or play with them. The game provides players using a stage where the game camera will zoom or divide the screen based on how the songs go. You will really see the wonders of having fun with another player and see how good their skills really are.

The game is scored by how good you play with and just how much buffs you can draw really. This game is quite simple to score and within only thirty minutes, then I had been able to degree up to 4 levels.

Players can also elect to customize their players look should they achieved enough fans or cash after a few rounds over the platform.

Not necessarily the very best I found from Facebook Flash Games, but the topics really matches the surroundings nicely. Love how the developers do with the camera angle changes and how many players’ avatars react particularly when having perfect conclusion.

This may be the best portion of the game. RockFree has more than 500 plus music in this match and counting. Players may really relax and love playing the music that they want to play whenever they reach high degree. Some of the greatest stone artist can be contained in the song list and thanks to the programmers is none other than Acclaim, players can be rest assured that all the songs they provided are high caliber and wanted by enthusiasts.

This game is actually a real requirement for many stone players out there! Even though some songs maybe hard to play at first, but practice makes perfect. All in all, there is one big problem with the game. I do believe it is at times it’s very tough to load it or throughout a end of a certain songs I might actually get disconnected. I guess this maybe something regarding my bandwidth just the server maybe over loaded.

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