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Outsource Your Link Building to a Professional Link Building Service

Many website owners and internet marketers outsource their link-building to professionals. This is mainly because backlinking takes time and can be tedious. It is important to remember that backlinking is more important than creating great content or doing basic SEO. Backlinking can make or break your ranking in search engines Jasa Backlink Powerfull dan Berkualitas Untuk Optimasi Website. We all know bad rankings mean bad traffic, and bad business.

Let’s take a closer view at the most important factors any professional link building service should possess.

Links with high pagerank.

Backlinks can be counted by search engines as votes. The authority of a backlink is determined by its pagerank. Google uses pagerank systems that range from 0 to 10. A pagerank of 10 means that 0 is less important than a Pagerank 10. A backlink to a site with a 5 pagerank is more authoritative than the many backlinks that are from a pagerank 0. It does not necessarily mean you need high pagerank links. You also need to have a foundation with pagerank 0 links to make your backlinks look more natural to search engines. Websites with a pagerank between 2 and 10 are the best to increase your rankings. A link building service must provide you with high-pageranking links.

Link must have anchor text

An anchor text is the clickable, highlighted portion of the backlink created. This anchor text should include your keyword or phrase. If you don’t have a targeted link anchor text, your backlink isn’t as SEO-friendly. Your anchor text should always be requested by any service you use.

Link that has the dofollow attribute

There are basically two types of backlink attributes. The dofollow or nofollow attribute. Search engines follow links that have the nofollow attribute. However, they do not transmit the pagerank or authority from other sites to yours. The nofollow attribute does not aid in building authority for your website. Backlinks with the dofollow attribute pass the site’s pagerank and will help build authority for your site. Make sure you have dofollow backlinks built by the service you outsource linkbuilding.

Permanent links that point to your website.

For a cost of 100 baclinks you can expect to receive 100 backlinks in the next few months. Many services offer backlinking services. These will charge you a fee if your backlink is not renewed after the first month. Making comments on blogs of high pagerank is an effective way to build high pagerank backlinks. These comments may sometimes be deleted. Your link building service should replace any deleted links within one month.

Provide links from sites that use the.edu/or.gov extensions.

Websites with.gov or.edu extensions have a high authority. They are usually educational or government-oriented sites, and therefore have a high ranking in search engines. Sometimes it is difficult to obtain links from these sites, so some link-building services do not deliver or charge more for them. They will also be included in your package as an added bonus.

Backlinks should not be spammed on other sites.

Some services create spam comments to blogs in order for them to have backlinks. They do not harm your site but create a negative image. If the service uses blogs for commenting, their comments should at the very least reflect on what article they are commenting. This will make it look more like a regular comment.

Report all the links they’ve created.

Professional link builders will send you a report of all the links they created. You will need to include the urls of the sites from which the links were created as well as their pagerank and anchor text.

These are key elements every professional web designer should possess. Ask them if these services can be provided before you hire.

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