Air Alert Reviews – Does This Popular Vertical Jump Program Really Make You Jump Higher?

best vertical jump program – Air Alert is a vertical jump program made by TMT sports in 1991. The very first version of the app was highly appreciated by athletes all around the world. The most important cause of its prevalence is because it was the first application of its type and it ensured that you’d leap 8-14 inches higher or you have your cash. There have been a lot of updates to the app and the most recent version is Air Alert 4.
So, does it really work? If you’re a beginner with limited training expertise, I think that the app will do the job for you. You most likely will not jump 8-14 inches higher, however you’ll improve your vertical leap nonetheless. However, if you are an intermediate to advanced athlete, then you might not receive fantastic results.
Here’s What I enjoyed about the program:
The app is economical, and cheap to most athletes. Air Alert is among the least expensive apps on the current market, and each athlete ought to have the ability to manage it. The program is also quite simple to accomplish, as you don’t want any access or weights to a fitness center to execute the workouts. You are able to do the whole app on your garden, which is fantastic. Air Alert can be packed very nicely. You receive high quality DVD’s that show you just how to do every exercise. You get exercise sheets which help you keep an eye on your progress.
Here’s What I did not like about this program:
The program relies almost entirely on cardio vascular exercises, also contains hardly any weight training. Lifting weights has been clinically proven to improve vertical leap, and its lack in the app is a disappointed. The program lacks customization. Every athlete differs, and therefore requires different workouts. The Air Alert program simply contains one general exercise for everybody, which isn’t perfect. The program also needs you to perform several sets and repetitions of each exercise, which might result in over-training, exhaustion, and potential injury.
In summary, the Air Alert program could possibly be beneficial for you whether you’re just beginning, or if you’ve got a small budget. If you’re more sophisticated, I would advise that you have a look at other applications which have a weight training element.

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